Why People Fail

Why People Fail?


Episode Summary

  1. Get Clarity – It’s fundamental to knowing your desired outcomes
  2. Make sure you have short-term ‘markers’ to keep you on the right track
  3. Create a BIG vision for yourself and then break it down to the right first step
  4. Make sure your environment is supportive and empowering you
  5. Make a commitment – motivation fades, commitment makes it a done deal.
  6. Watch the video >HERE

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G’day, it’s Anthony Kirby, founder of the Predictable Growth Academy and author of The Business Success Formula. I’m here with you today to talk to you about the main reasons that people fail to achieve their goals.

As the calendar has just turned over to another year I thought it was pertinent to have this conversation today. I want to start off by saying my understanding of why people are not hitting their goals is because we’re making too many resolutions and not enough decisions.
Now, what do I mean by that? When we make a resolution it’s a fairly soft term. Whereas when we make a decision we cut off any of the possibility.

If you have a goal in mind the first thing you must do is decide and make it a commitment in your calendar, scheduling the activity that’s required to get it done. You’ll see a big difference in the results that you get at the end of the weeks, months, and years ahead.
Now, I want to share some of the top reasons why people fail.
The number one reason that I see is that people have no clarity.
What I mean by that is that they’ve got this goal that they want to achieve but they’ve got no real detail about what it needs to look like, how it’s going to feel, and how they’re going to know when they get there as well.

The second reason is that people plan too far ahead. They’re looking at, “When I get to this goal then I’ll be happy.” The problem with that is you’re not going to get there overnight, you’re going to experience some setbacks. You’re going to experience some things that don’t go as you might have expected.
The result of that is that we get disillusioned and we stop. Worse still, we drop our standards and accept less as a result.
Let me give you an example of this that most people can resonate with. Most people have set a goal to get healthy or to lose weight and we usually put a certain figure on that. You might say, “I want to lose 10 kilos and I’ll be happy when I get to 10 kilos, I’m going to be at my ideal weight.”
The problem with that is that after one week at the gym when your muscles are sore. You’re really wondering why you’re doing it because you have to get up early and it’s cold outside or you’d rather stay in bed. Your kids are screaming and you can’t make the time to go to the gym. We look at it and say, “Well, I’m not there,” and we get disillusioned about the ability to get that result and so we stop going to the gym or we start going less frequently or we start to eat one more cheap meal extra per week. Now, instead of having one cheap meal we have two or three and all of a sudden we’re back where we started again and we classify it as a failure.
What I would say is you need to make room within your plan for milestones. It’s good to have that long term vision. It’s good to have, in this example, the vision of losing 10 kilos of weight. What we need to look at is what are the milestones along the way?

We know that consistent action creates a result. If you want to lose 10 kilos or whatever the goal is for you in your business or your life, if we first look to what are the milestones, what are the consistent actions we can take? The consistent action might be that we schedule into the calendar three gym visits per week and meal preparation on a Sunday night, whatever that might be in that situation.
If it’s in your business, if you have a certain financial goal that you want to achieve in your business or a certain number of clients that you want to reach, don’t worry about the clients, worry about what you need to do for clients to be attracted to you.
As an example, is your social media content aligned to the message of your product and services? More importantly, does it answer the problems that your client has? I would encourage you to do that first of all because that will allow you to have that big vision. It will allow you to have that long term plan or goal. It will also give you enough milestones in between so that you know that you’re making progress and you don’t become disenchanted with the whole process.
Reason three that people are failing is that they’re not dreaming big enough. We’ve been educated to do this which is really sad. It’s one thing that I find most critical of our system, our corporate world, where we talk about smart goals. Smart goals suck, quite frankly. What they do is they encourage us to think in boxes. Now, I’m not against setting smart goals as a short term project target but I feel like we have to spend some time and think about what life could look like for us if everything worked for us the way we wanted it to. I don’t know if you’ve actually solved that question recently. If you haven’t, ask yourself that question. I would encourage you to do so after you watch this video.
Ask yourself, “What would my life or my business look like if the resources, income, and opportunities were no problem for me?

You might find that that allows your mind to just broaden a little bit and gives you a different take on what it is that you’re moving towards in your life.
Number four, and this is a biggie, the people that are around you are holding you back. Not all of them but certainly some of them. Now, environment, as we know from all of high performance, is critical to your success. Have a look around at the people that are in your environment. Are they pulling you down or are they propelling you forward? If there are people who are pulling you down maybe it’s time to find a new circle.
I know that this is a tough one. I know that this is always the one that ruffles the feathers. Some people say, “That’s harsh, Anthony. We can’t go out there and just ditch our friends. I’m not saying go and ditch your friends, I’m just saying go find some new ones as well and spend less time with the old ones. If there’s someone that you know is in the position that you want to be in, how about just reach out to them and say, g’day? There’s no harm in doing that, you’re not going to lose a finger. All they can say is no, so go try it.
The biggest thing that we see in successful people is that they don’t say it can’t be done, they say, “I don’t know how to do it yet but I’m going to learn how to do it. Then I’m going to attempt it.” I would encourage you if that is not the mindset that you’ve carried up until now to start to look at any situation in your life where you’re saying it can’t be done. Ask yourself the question of what do I need to learn for it to become a reality for me, and what sort of resources do I need to make that a reality and start moving towards it. It might not be an instant fix, it certainly might not take a week or a month, it might take you a couple of years. It might take you five years. If it’s important enough to you then you will do it.
Finally, this concept of motivation versus commitment. I want to talk about motivation first. You know, you can go to seminars, you can watch videos like this, and you get motivated. You feel inspired to do something and take some action. Motivation will always fade, what will never fade is commitment. When you commit to something, in that stage of motivation, you make it a necessity. You schedule it into your diary so that it has an actionable task assigned to it, that is where you’re going to see the biggest difference.

Again, let’s go back to the concept of losing the 10 kilos because it’s an easy one to understand for everyone.
If you’re motivated to lose 10 kilos you go to the gym. You lift a few weights or you jump on the treadmill. You might go down to the store and buy some new athletic shoes and some clothing. When things go a bit tough, when your muscles get sore, when you’re working late because your business needs your attention. When your kids are screaming at you because they’ve got a cold. When there’s not enough money and you need to go and chase some sales. You soon lose that motivation to go and do that thing over here because you need to focus on something else and you become very reactive.
Whereas when you make a commitment to that 10 kilos, when you make a commitment to whatever it is that you’re setting, even when you’re not motivated you’re committed. Even when you’re not motivated you have something bigger than yourself, you have a bigger purpose that you’re driving towards that allows you to go out there and be committed to the action still, regardless of what else is going on in the world. You see a lot of examples of people who know they need to get fit and they’re motivated to get fit. They still go and eat junk food and they still smoke and they still drink too much alcohol and have too much of a good time in life without looking after their vessel, their body and their mind. It’s only when they get to the stage that a doctor tells them they’re going to die or they drop down and have a heart attack and get rushed to the hospital and get the paddles on their chest that it really resets them and they get committed to making that change.
Looking at that, make sure that whatever you have in your life or your business that you want to achieve in the coming months and years, make sure that you’re committed to that result. Make sure you’re committed to excellence in that result and committed to the action required each and every day to move you slowly but surely towards that result.
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Have a great day. Remember that the joy in your life is always found in the lessons that we learn along the way.

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