7 Traits of Powerful People

7 Traits of Powerful People

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Episode Summary

  1. What makes some successful?
  2. How to implement these powerful traits in your own life


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G’day guys, Anthony Kirby here from the Predictable Growth Academy. I’m here this week to talk to you about the 7 traits of powerful people.

Now, I know that you’ve most likely got someone in your life who you look to, and you think “Geez, how do they do what they do? They got so many friends. They’ve got just the right people in their life. They seem to attract all the right opportunities. Everyone respects them and likes them. They got plenty of money. Or they just have a great influence on the world and in their marketplace.”

You probably asked yourself, “how do they do it? I’m a nice guy or nice girl and I just don’t seem to have the same effect on people….”

Right now, I’m part of a very high level mastermind, surrounded by a number of multi-millionaires. It is amazing to see these guys progress in their business. I’ve really distilled 7 key characteristics that I’ve seen in these people and in people that I’ve surrounded myself with over the last few years, in business and in my life. I’m very fortunate to have a number of mentors, one in particular who is worth over $40 million dollars. There’s some serious, serious people in this world that we get ourselves around, and the reality is, they’ve got the same qualities wherever I look.

I want to share those with you today because I know that you’re here to learn. If I can help you to just pick up some of these qualities and start to instill and use them in your life, then you’re going to be moving towards the outcomes that you want in your social circles, in your business dealings, and as a person.

The first trait that I see, and I resonate highly with this one, is that these people are always enthusiastic. Even when things don’t go to plan, they’re still happy. They understand that everything’s going to be okay. They keep moving forward. Their enthusiasm is the contagious nature which attracts others to them.

If you look at the successful and influential people you know, if you look at Gary Vaynerchuk, if you look at Steve Jobs when he was alive, you look at some of the greatest minds of your time and what makes them so great, it’s their enthusiasm. They are just so enthusiastic!

The second trait is that they are very appreciative of everything that they have. They appreciate the good and the bad things that happen. They see it as a lesson every time. They see it as feedback for where they’re going. They appreciate the people in their inner circles and they appreciate the ecology of our world. They appreciate their communities. They appreciate their followers in ways that you don’t see from people who are less successful.

Third trait is that they’re extremely attentive. Just as you’re watching this video right now, I’m giving you my full attention. I’m giving you my presence. When you look at these highly powerful, successful people in any industry or in any part of your life, they care for you, they have empathy. They really appreciate the people that they have around them.

The fourth trait is that they are extremely courageous. I know that one of the rules in our business is that we are “Until it’s done” people. We don’t stop until it’s done. We keep going even when things are difficult.

These high performance, powerful individuals, they are extremely courageous. They will always be the first to take the leap of faith. You see some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world right now, Elon Musk is one of them. The guy’s putting rockets into the sky and landing them on a piece of paper. It is phenomenal what he’s doing. He is courageous. He spends millions, if not billions, in the development of this project. He knows that that is what it takes to innovate at a completely new level that we’ve never seen before.

You look at the likes of Mark Zuckerberg who started Facebook. Look at what he’s done. The courage that he has shown to take his mission to connect the world, he’s taken that to places that we would never have dreamed of having internet access.

You see so many examples of this over the years. Look at John F. Kennedy, the U.S. President. He sat up in Congress I believe, and he said, “Within 10 years, within this decade, we will put somebody on the moon.” Imagine that. It had never, ever been done before. If the average person on the street had said that, people would have thought they were nuts and they would put them in a loony bin. They are very courageous these people.

The fifth trait that I see in these people is that they are voracious learners. They are always learning. They’re always looking to others and saying, “How have they done that?” And they’re reading often. I was listening to a podcast yesterday whilst I was driving. There was a gentleman being interviewed who runs one of the largest marketing agencies in the U.S. He said, every day, I block out time to read for four hours. I mean that is phenomenal. I totally get that not everyone has the ability to do that, but for some people, that is the level they go to, to ensure that they stay at the pinnacle of their industry, of their niche, of their market. They are voracious learners, just absorbing new information all the time and always looking to do more. Always looking to say, “How can I improve on that just 1%? Just little bit. That next little distinction that will take me to the next level.”

Trait number six; They are surrounded by others just like them, other successful people. They care about their personal environment. They care about the people around them and what they bring, energetically, to the situation. They don’t accept less than the best in their circle of influence. They want to go to high levels and they surround themselves with people who are going to take them to higher levels.

Finally trait number seven and the most endearing quality that I’ve seen in successful people that I’ve been involved with is that they are very, very humble individuals. You can sit and have a coffee with some of these people, very wealthy individuals, and they turn up and they’re so relaxed. They don’t have any ego. They don’t think they’re bigger than anybody else. Most importantly, they don’t see anybody as competition. They understand that everyone has a space in the world. They’re completely comfortable with competition because there is none. You can’t service everybody in your market, in your niche. You can’t. They understand that and they just focus on what they do very very well, and building their teams, building their businesses in the same way.

So let’s change tact a little bit and go back through all seven of these traits and just see how you might apply these in your life.

Number one was Be Enthusiastic. Maybe have a look at how you wake up in the morning. Do you feel enthusiastic about the day when you wake up? Do you feel enthusiastic about the people in your life? Do you feel enthusiastic about the opportunities that you have right in front of you, right now? Could you choose to be more enthusiastic?

Number two was Be Appreciative. When was the last time you gave appreciation to somebody in your life? In your business? When was the last time you reached out to your clients and said, “I appreciate you. I appreciate what you do. I appreciate the fact that you chose to transact with me and not my competitor.”

Number three. Be attentive. When you walk in the door after a big day of meetings, or you walk in the door after you’ve had something happen in your day that wasn’t quite what you expected, and your wife, or your children or your husband, or even your dog, they come up to you, how attentive are you? Are you still thinking about what happened before you walked in the door? Are you still looking at your phone? Are you still fumbling around? Or are you attentive and focused on what is in front of you? Are you focused on these people that love you and want to connect with you.

Number four, Courage. Where have you demonstrated courage in your business and in your life in recent times? Where can you apply that? Where can you say, “You know what, in this area of my life, I will keep going. I will get it done.” Whether that’s in your health, whether that’s in your financial well-being, whether that’s in your relationships or your business, or something that you’ve done for yourself. Courage needs to become a habit that you’re forming to move you to a higher level of performance.

Number five, Never Stop Learning. What are you reading right now? What podcasts are you listening to? I know that you’re watching this video or reading the blog right now and I applaud you because you’re learning something right now from this. Where else are you learning in your life? Who are you with? Who’s your mentor? Who have you invested in to take you to that next level? Who’s helping you to see the dark spots that you can’t see about yourself so you can move through them and break through those hurdles that have held you back for so long?

Number six, Surround yourself with others who are just like you. If you want to get to where you want to go, you’re going to have to make some changes. It’s not about it being difficult, it’s about it being necessary. Have a look at your environment. Who in your environment is moving you forward and who is holding you back? You choose who you spend your time with. Time is the one thing you will never, ever get back. You must be in full responsibility and in full control of the choices you make about who you give your energy to and whose energy you allow into your space as well.

Finally, Humility. Are you humble about your achievements? I’ve got a very popular saying that, I use it all the time with my coaching clients, which is, “Let success be your noise.” You don’t have to go out there and bang the drum. You don’t have to go out there and wave your hands around and say, “Look at me , I’m doing so well.” People inwardly and consciously, can feel your success and feel your power, based on the results that they see and from others who talk about you. Don’t let you ego be the thing that gets in the way of your success. Don’t allow yourself to feel that you’re bigger than anyone else, because we’re not. We’re all in this race together and we all leave the same way.

And, don’t be scared of your competition. There is plenty of opportunity out there for you if you follow these seven habits of people who command respect and command authority and power.

That is it for this week’s episode. I hope this has been helpful. If it has, hit Subscribe, share it out to your networks. I will see you next week for another show. I’m Anthony Kirby. Remember that the true joy in your life is always found in the lessons that we learn along the way.


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