Morning routine life hacks

Morning Routine Life Hacks



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  1. Intentional choices that will set you up for success

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It’s Anthony Kirby here from the Predictable Growth Academy, author of The Business Success Formula. How are you doing? Hope you’re well.

Now today I want to talk to you about one of the most common questions that I get from clients when I’m working with them. That is this comment of routine. Specifically, morning routines. We very often hear Tony Robbins and the world’s greatest minds in peak performance talk about the importance of a morning routine. If we look at history, it tells us very clearly that people who have a morning routine tend to be more productive, and as a result, they tend to deliver a more successful outcome for themselves and their businesses.

I wanted to just give you a few comments today on what I think you can do to develop a strong morning routine that’s not going to change your world too much, so that you can integrate it into what you do.
Yes, it’s going to challenge you a little bit, but it’s going to deliver with a lot more productivity in your day and subsequently a lot more results for you in your business and in your life outcomes.

Number one, get enthusiastic in the morning when you wake up.
You’ve got to be enthusiastic about something. Research shows us very clearly that optimism lights the fire inside of us that will drive us forward and propel us to the results that we wish to achieve in our life. Get enthusiastic. As you get out of bed, think about, “What am I enthusiastic about today? What could I be happy about if I chose to be?” If you can’t, make something up. Just put yourself into that state of mind.

Number two, be grateful.
It’s one of the most important attributes that we see of successful people is that they spend an amount of time each day reflecting and being grateful for what it is that they’ve got and what it is that they’ve achieved and the people and circumstance in their life as well.

Number three, commit to your outcome for the day.
Now this is a very important one, because oftentimes we get so reactive. We wake up, and we check our mobile phones straightaway, and we start living on other people’s agendas, which is really, really sad because we start to jump into reactive mode from the moment we’re awake. Let’s stop that. Let’s now move our attention to ourselves for the first little while when we wake up. Let’s commit to an outcome for the day which will move you and your business towards the results that you want in your life and not towards other people’s results.

Number four, move in the morning.
I’m not saying you have to go and do a marathon gym session or run 58 kilometres, if that’s not what you’re into, but do something. Have a bit of a stretch. Get out there and have a bit of a walk. Go and kick the ball in the yard with your kids. It doesn’t have to take long, even for five minutes. Just get your energy going. Get your blood moving, and make sure that your body’s awake and ready to receive all of the great stuff that’s about to come for the day.

Number five, drink plenty of water.
Make sure you are hydrated first thing in the morning. When you wake up, grab a glass of water. Squeeze a bit of lemon into it, and make sure that you continue to hydrate your body throughout the morning and throughout the day, but more importantly in the morning so that your body and your lymphatics in your blood starts to move more freely and give you more energy. It’s purely through the hydration that you’re providing to your body.

Number six, nourish your body.
Now, hydration is important, but it goes hand-in-hand with great nourishment. Don’t get up and buy a McDonald’s burger for breakfast for God sake. That’s not going to make you feel the best. Make sure you have something already prepared if you are busy. If you’re not, grab something nice and nutritious. Maybe grab a smoothie with some nice fruit in there, I’m no dietician but I’m sure there’s plenty of advice out there on the internet. What I would say is have something nice that is nourishing that makes you energised and allows you to move through your day with ease.

Number seven, identify the priorities for the day.
Before we grab the phone and start getting into other people’s emails and messages and Facebook and all of that sort of stuff, take a piece of paper and write down what the priorities are for the day.
You’ve already set the outcome that you want to achieve for the day, so let’s look at, “What would the five priorities be that would me towards that outcome?” Then look at the schedule that you have, get your calendar in front of you, whether that’s on Outlook or even if you just scratch it out on a piece of paper, and start to work in block time.
What I mean by that is if you know that your day is going to be eight hours long, and you know you’ve got five priorities, you’re going to have to allocate some time to those activities. You also need to allocate time to eating some lunch. Remember that thing. I know we forget sometimes in business to stop and eat, but it’s important. We also want to allocate some time for communicating with reactive tasks that are going to occur. That’s the nature of business.
There’s going to be things that come up, but people need to start respecting your time. You need to block out time that people can either come to you with problems if you have a business with a team, or if you’re a solo rider, then of course you’re going to have emails to respond to. You’re going to have Facebook pages to look after and so on. You need to allocate some time to jump into that as well, but don’t keep doing bits and pieces. Allocate a time each day to do that so that you know that, “That’s the time that I focus on social media.” You get in. You get the job done. You get off so that you don’t end up watching fluffy cats playing with dogs and tennis balls. A bit random, but you know what I mean.

Now, finally I just want to say that to be productive means to produce. This morning routine is designed to setup your day for success from the start. It’s designed to make sure that you are in control of you from the first moment that you wake up in the morning, and then we allow technology to come in once you’ve set your intentions and set a clear schedule for your day so that you can produce greater results in your business.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. If you have, please share it. Please let people know about it. That is how we share the message that we share here in my business. I look forward to seeing you in the next episode.

Until then remember that the joy in your life and in your business is always found in the lessons that you learn along the way.
I’m Anthony Kirby. I appreciate you watching. Get out there and have a great day.

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