3 Keys to Momentum

3 Keys to Momentum

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Episode Summary

  1. In the first part of this video Anthony shares practical tips learned in his own business that created forward momentum for him
  2. Throughout the second part Anthony answers your current business concerns – live
  3. This post originated from a Facebook live we did back in November. There is plenty of gold that we wanted to share with you, knowing it will propel you forward with strength and success


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Good morning guys. Anthony Kirby from the Predictable Growth Academy. It is Saturday morning on Facebook live stream, and this week, I realized something that we all need in business; momentum.

A lot of businesses get stuck, a lot of people are getting stuck in life as well because they’re not clear on where they want to go. I want to take you through the three keys to be aware of so that you can go to the next level.

The first key to creating any momentum in your business, is to become massively aware of what’s going on in your business or your life.

I see a lot of business owners right now who they’re struggling to be real about what’s going on in their business. You have to be real about it.

I’ll give a really good example of this for me, with my tax situation. We’ve just been in business for just over 12 months now. If you saw the video that I did where I shared all the lessons that I’ve learned, one of the biggest things that I learned was that the tax man likes his tax on time. That created awareness for me around that situation.

Now the problem with most people that I’m speaking to is they don’t want to build their awareness because they’re scared of what it’s going to mean. If you’re not looking at your sales figures in your business and then you suddenly start looking at them and it scares the shit out of you. Well surely that’s a better thing, to know than not to know because you can fix it then. Because you can’t fix what you don’t know.

The first thing that you’ve got to do is get awareness. In your relationships, in your business, in your personal life, in your fitness. Just take stock of where you’re at right now. I like to call that point A.

Ask; Where are you right now? Where are you today? What is the reality of your situation right at this moment? Now that might not be a good thing when you look at it. You might think, “That’s not really where I want to be.” The fact that you’re now aware of where you are, you can make some changes to it.

That’s the first step, awareness. Now, when you’ve written that out … I’d encourage you to write it down. The reason I would encourage you to write it down, is that the act of putting it front of you on a piece of paper shows the stark reality of it. When you think about it, it doesn’t really make a lot of difference to you. Because you have the thought, “Yeah, this is going on in my life, I’m not where I want to be in the business, I’m not where I want to be personally.” That’s the time where you go, “Yeah, time to write this down.” Go, “Shit is getting real. Shit is getting real because we got it on a piece of paper.”

Then ask, “Well, where do I want to go?” That’s where the clarity comes in. Now you got to get really clear on where you want to go.

I’ll give you another good example of this. Yesterday afternoon, I spent the afternoon with a business locally here, about five minutes from my house. This business is a really good business, a very solid business in the area and has a really solid opportunity to grow to a huge level around this part of the region. I asked the owner of this business, I asked the question about a new staff member that they want to bring on. I said, “What does this person look like? He didn’t answer and he couldn’t answer. When he did come up with an answer, he kind of half asked it and he said, “Yeah, I think they look like this, I think they’re male, a little bit older, a bit more mature.”

I said, “All right. If you had that person in your business right now, the person that you’re thinking of, would they make you happy? Would you feel comfortable to walk away from your business for 6 months and go and travel the world, and be comfortable that this person is going to grow your business for you?” He said, “No.” I said, “Well mate, it’s not going to work because you’re not being clear enough on what is the thing that you want, who is the person that you want. Then you can then go and find that person. Because once you’re clear about it, you can go and get them. You don’t have to settle.”

That’s a big lesson for you guys. It’s a big lesson for me in business, not to settle for second best.

Don’t settle for second best. You can do better as long as you’re clear on what it is that you’re after or who it is that you’re after and why it’s going to matter to you.

That is critical. Just get super clear on it but don’t settle.

It’s okay to say, “That’s not good enough for me, I’m going to wait.” Here’s the other things as well on that note. I see a lot of people who know where they are and they know where they want to be, but they’ve rushed to get there because they’ve timed it wrong.

I’ll give you a great example of this. In the recruitment perspective of business, a lot of people wait until they need someone to start advertising. Now, if that is happening in your business, if you’re waiting until … “I’m already a week late, I needed that person last week.” Then you’ve waited too long and you’re not in front of your business enough.

You need to make sure that you’re looking at your business in 90-day blocks and looking 90 days ahead.

Asking, “What does that look like? If and when I reach that goal, what I’m I going to need in my business from a resource perspective or what I’m I going to need in my life from a resource perspective? In order to continue the success of that and to grow it again.” That’s the next thing you’ve got to look at.

The next thing that’s going to create momentum is that;

You have got to take some action.

I’m big on this in my business and you need to be big on it in your business or in your life, is taking massive action.

I’ll tell you, Anthony Robins says that all the time. You got to take some action. In fact, he talks about taking action before you leave the scene. If you are doing this exercise with me right now, if you’ve got a pen, if you’ve got a piece of paper and if you’re running through this exercise. You’re writing down, “This is where I am right now today, this is where I want to be in 90 days time. What action can I take right now?” What action can you take when you get off this livestream to move towards that. It doesn’t have to be a giant leap, it can just be putting something into place.

It could be doing a live video. It could be going onto Facebook and telling the world what your goals are. It could be jumping online and writing a blog. There’s a tonne of things you can do.

The final thing that I want to talk about is how to set a great goal.

A lot of people might have heard me talk about this in my live seminars, if you’ve been to a live seminar or workshop with me. Is the 10 out of 10 rule. This is something that’s gone into my new book and I’ll talk about the book in a moment as well.

The 10 out of 10 rule. What it is basically, Is if you set your Point B, if you set your intension for where you want to end up by whatever date that is, then you need to You need to look at it and say, “Well, first of all, how much do I want this? How much do I desire this?

Your desire has to be a 10 out of 10 in order for it to be a success.

Once you’ve got high desire, the second thing we need to look at is;

How much do you believe that it can happen?

Let me give you an example. Say you go to sales business and I predominantly work with sales businesses. If you set a goal to say, “I’m going to get from five sales per month to 10 sales per month.” Now that’s a great goal. To double your business is an awesome goal, but how much do you believe that you can double your business in that timeframe? How much do you believe that you can double your business in that time frame? If you don’t believe that you can double your business in that timeframe, you need to scale back to your goal.

I know that’s probably counteractive to what everyone else in this industry is telling you. Everyone is telling you, “Shoot for the stars and it doesn’t matter if you miss.” That’s bullshit. All right? Because all that’s going to do is make you feel really crap about yourself and you’re going to just give up on yourself, you’re going to accept the lower standard. Because you’re going to say, “That’s okay, I got seven and that’s fine. Seven is great.” Yeah, seven is good because it’s growth but it’s not good if you’ve aimed for 10 and you’ve ended up with seven and you’re congratulating yourself for getting halfway. That’s not wise. That is not a great way to set goals and that is not a great way to reward yourself in my opinion.

You’re better off to say, “Well, how much do I believe it? I believe in 10 out 10. How much do I want it? I absolutely want it. I absolutely have to make this happen.”

You’ve got to have some conviction behind it. Then once you’ve got that, take some action on it, find out what that first step is that you need to take action on so that you can move towards it.

Now, again, I’ll remind you, it doesn’t have to be big. I’ll give you a good example. Sherry who is on this call right now with us, she came over to my place the other night. In fact, I’ve still got all the stuff written out in the whiteboards here and we mapped out her whole business. If you interest in eating healthy by the way, go check out a page called “Food or poison“.

It’s a great page name and Sherry is doing some awesome work in educating people around making great food choices and how you can get your kids to eat more healthily as well. Yeah, go check that out if you get an opportunity.

I want to talk about the book quickly. I know a few of you this week have seen the free book that I have released. Now, what that is, it’s the video that I released last week, which was the “Lessons learned in the first 12 months in business”. I had that video transcribed and I’ve made it into a book.

I’m going to get them printed up and I’m going to send one to your door for free, including postage. Right to you. If you want one, just add a comment there or whatever you want to do, just to say, “Send me a book.” Then secondly, my other book is called “The success formula”. The success formula is almost finished. I am about 11 chapters in and I think I’ve got one to go. Then I’m going to get it edited and get it out to the world early in 2017. Again, that is going to be a hard copy book. It’s not just going to be an ebook, it’s going to be released as a hard copy book.

There’s something really nice about getting something like this and touching it, and feeling it, and reading it, and making some notes in it with a highlighter. You can’t do that on a Kindle.

Now if you have got a question about what’s going on your life or what’s going on in your business, about yourself, about your processes, about your systems, pop in in the comments below. If you’ve enjoyed this video as well, please share it to your networks, it would mean the world to me because it helps me reach more people. You know my mission? My mission is all about giving you the tools and the education to inspire you to build your business to suite your life, right now. That’s why I’m on here this morning and that’s why I dragged my ass out of bed, and that’s why I am putting myself out here, live, which is actually pretty scary. If you haven’t done a Facebook Live, here’s a challenge for some of you guys on the line. If you’ve got a business that is sales-focused or customer-focused, do a Facebook Live, it’s so much fun.

You can tell the world about what’s going on in your world. It’s nice to engage with people like this too. What have we got? We’ve got 14 people on right now on a Saturday morning at quarter past six. That’s pretty good effort for you guys and I appreciate that. It’s nice to know that I’m creating a movement.

Duncan has just written;

Finding a balance between working and finding work – the seesaw

I love this one, the seesaw. I spoke about this on my video. When you’re in your business, you get on this seesaw where it’s sell and then deliver or sell and do. It can be really hard to find the balance with that but I’m going to give you some techniques for how to do it.

The first thing you need to do again, become aware of where you’re at and set a goal for where you want to be.

Duncan who asked the question is in landscaping, for those watching. If you want to get two clients per week and you’re currently at one client per week, you’ve got to double your business. First of all apply the 10 out of 10 rule and make sure that you really strongly want that and that you believe that you can have it, that you want it.

Then, what you want to do is you want to get really clear on who your clients are.

I see a lot of business owners who try and be all things to all people. I would encourage you if you’re watching this, to pick one and stick one as I say. This is again another thing that I’ve written about in the book. Pick one line of action and stick to it until you see what the result is.

Because you can’t measure something if you’ve put a soldier in one corner of the world and a soldier in the other corner of the world and you’re fighting battles all over the place, trying to win wars everywhere. How do you know which one’s the effective war?

What you need to do is say well, for you Duncan, “I’m going to go and I’m going to go after people who are earning $100000 plus, who live in a house on a block of land that’s 800 square metres plus, in this post code.” Then you need to just and hit that for a good period of time so that you can see that it works. If it doesn’t work, tweak your message. Go and ask your clients as well.

The amount of business owners that aren’t asking clients what they need, it blows my mind! It really does. They’ll tell you everything you need to know. You can do survey monkeys nowadays, you can get on a Facebook Live and ask. Actually let me do it right now. For the content that I’m producing, for everyone who is online right now, I think there’s 12 people online right so I expect 12 comments. Get involved. What is it that I can help you with in your business? What is the biggest problem that you have in your business or in your life? What is it? Just write it in the comments. That’s how easy it is to get feedback from your market. That is it.

You can go and find the person that you want to speak to, the business owner or the demographic that you want to be talking to. Now, here’s how you build your demographic too. I know some of you are already in business so this won’t apply. For anyone who is watching this who isn’t, this is going to be good advice for you. First of all, pick an age bracket with a 10-year bracket. It doesn’t have to be wider than that, it can’t be wider than that. For example, 30 to 40, 40 to 50, 20 to 30, whatever your market is. And then you need to pick male or female.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you’re only going to sell to one. It doesn’t mean that you’re only going to say, “Well you’re male and my market is female so I can’t work with you.” That is not what this is about. What this is about is saying when you come on to social media, when you advertise, when you message your brand, when you message your business, that it speaks to that person, not to everyone.

When it speaks to everyone, it speaks to no one.

In fact if you guys think back to some of the things you’ve seen on Facebook as you scroll through feed, what are the things that stop you in your tracks? Have a look at that? Chances are it’s because it appeals to you, it doesn’t appeal to everyone. It’s written for you.

In fact on this call right now and I’ve got a number of business owners and a number of new business owners who are in the start-up journey, that is because my message is for you. My message on social media, my message on the podcast, my message right now on this livestream is for you guys. It’s not for everyone. If my mom jumped on here, she might like seeing me because she hasn’t seen me for a little while. But it wouldn’t appeal to her, it wouldn’t give her any benefit because it’s not for her, it’s for you guys.

Make sure that when you are going out there to the market, when you are messaging your brand, your company, and what you do and what you provide. Make sure it provides the solution to the people that you want it for. Don’t go after everyone.

It’s no good going and selling running shoes at the old people’s home because you won’t sell any. Because they’re old and they can’t run.

You got to make sure you’re speaking to right audience with the right product and giving them what it is that solves their problem.

All right? I hope that makes some sense to you. That’s the first step for you, I know that was a little bit of a long-winded to answer. Get really clear on who your person is and then find out what their problem is. Now, if someone wants to go to the hardware store to buy a drill … This is like a little question thing. If someone wants to go to the hardware store to buy a drill, what do they want a drill for? I’m going to give a couple of seconds for you guys to think about that.

Now most people say they want a drill because they want to put something on the wall or they want to hang something up. That’s incorrect. You’re thinking normally, you’re thinking logically. They want to drill because they need a hole, they need a hole in the wall. That’s why and that’s what you got to look at with your client, with your industry. Why do they want your drill? What is your drill? If it’s fitness, I know we got a couple of fitness people on the call. If it’s fitness, there’s like a billion fitness people out there right now. What makes you different? What are you going to give people and who is market and what is their problem that you’re solving? The problem is not that you need to hang something on the wall, the problem is you haven’t got a hole in the wall yet.

There’s a big difference because the message will be very different. Because you can go to the market and say, “Look how well we drill holes.” You can have various hole sizes. That probably sounds really funny with my accent. As opposed to saying, “Here’s a drill, it’s green.” As opposed to my competitor who has the drill, with the same power, with the same power cord and it’s blue, and we’ve got the same battery life. What’s the difference? There’s no difference and without differentiation the only thing you’ve got is price. In the price war, the only way you’re going is down. That’s not good for anyone. It’s certainly not good for your business, so you got to make sure that you understand the problem that you solve for your market place.

That’s another thing for you Duncan. In landscaping that might be they don’t want you to come and cut their grass because it’s long, they want you to come and cut their grass because they want their garden to look good. Because they don’t want to look like the shittiest house in the street. The problem is, the house looks shit, not that they’ve got long grass. Again, it’s different. You see the difference in that? I hope you guys are getting that.

Cordy has asked; how to sell people the product. The problem here is, you’re trying to sell them a product.

Simple answer, stop selling people, start educating people, sales will happen.

You’ll sell more than you can handle if you look after your clients. If you apply the same technique and say, “What is the problem that I solve? When someone walks in the door what is the problem they have?” You understand what that problem is, you will sell more. You will sell tonnes more than your competitors because you got to stop selling. Simple as that. Stop selling, start educating. Same applies for everyone on this call, there’s lessons in this for everyone. Just because the question is asked from one person, the reality of this is, if you come to the conclusion that I have clients. If you look after your client and you service and educate your client, regardless.

Here’s the thing. A lot of people that I’m working with right now, they’ve got this thing about, “I’ve got to sell it now. I got to keep my cashflow going. I’ve got to keep the doors open.” I get that, I get the stress of that. If you go to your market place essentially saying the same thing to your client by saying, “Buy it right now and I’ll give you a special deal and I’ll discount it. It’s only valid for seven days.” Come on guys. How old school is that? It’s not 1983 anymore, let me just let you know that. That it’s 2016, in fact it’s almost 2017.

Before your clients come to you, before you know they exist, they’ve known you’ve existed for a very long time. They’re well educated. They know more about you, they know more about your product, they know more about your service than you can imagine because its all online. Same with me, a lot of people know all about me, they know about my son, they know about my family, they know where I’ve been on holiday. They know everything about me and I don’t even know their name. All right? Here’s what you got to do. You got to say, “It is not about sales.”

If you have a long-term business plan, which is longer than a week, which I hope it is. Which is why you’re on this livestream, then you need to be looking at your clients that way too. You need to eat every week, you don’t just need to eat today. You can’t handle all the clients in one day. You can’t service all of your clients in one day. You can’t deliver to your clients all in one day. What you need to do is say, “Well, that’s all right, I’ll deliver to Client A this week. I know that Client B, C and D aren’t ready and that’s cool. I’m just going to support them and educate them so that when they’re ready, I am ready for them and they see me as the front of mind authority within my industry. They see as the person, the only person that they need to deal with.” All right?

For me in business, my vision, my mission is to make sure that I am the person, when people are stuck, when people are just saying, “Holy shit!” We started this business journey because we want to have freedom, have some time, go for a surf, be able to go for a coffee with my wife, spend some time with my kids, go and watch them play a sport, and make a bit of extra money and have a bit of lifestyle. Then we get sucked into the vortex of business and we go, “Holy shit, what happened there? How the hell do I get out now?” That person, and I know there’s a few of you on the call right now, that person is the one I want to speak to. When that person thinks I need someone to help me, I want to be that person. That’s how I turn up in the world.

You got to do the same for your clients. It’s not about making a sale, it’s about educating. When the money is ready to change hands, when the transaction is there … Just let me clear this up for you as well. Money is just energy exchanging. We think of money as like, “Here it is, it’s some object that’s mystical and we can’t have it. Because if we get too much of it, mom told me I was going to be a winger, mom told that rich people are assholes.” We’ve got such a bad relationship with it but what we need to realise is, this … This is a sticky note, it’s not really money. Money is just energy. When you have a message that is needing to be shared because that person needs your assistance, it is okay to exchange energy. Because your time, you can’t replace so stop having that horrible conversation you had about money.

All right, let’s look at some of the other comments here.

Getting started.

Here is how simple to get started.

First of all, where are you today?

Second of all, where do you want to be?

Third of all, what can I do to make one step towards it?

Do it. Make the step. You started, congratulations. Here’s another thing I want to say to you, don’t procrastinate about starting. Some of you guys procrastinate about procrastinating, it’s ridiculous. The reality is, don’t over complicate it, keep it simple.

If I want to build my followers, here’s an example. Lots of examples today.

If I want to build my Facebook following, if I want to build my brand online, what can I do? Well, I can spend $6000 on adverts or I can do a livestream. Which one’s quickest? Livestream is just bang! It’s done, we’re on. That’s what you need to do. That’s as simple as that. Make decision, tell the world. Actually here’s the thing for you Josh, I know what your business is all about, get out there on Facebook this morning and just tell the world what your plan is. It doesn’t matter if the plan is all right because that’s business, it changes. There you go.

Next question, Sherry has asked:

How do I get exposure?

For you guys, you’ve got to start telling people what you’re about. Start spreading your message, don’t worry about what people are going to think. Not everyone is going to like it, that’s good. If you’ve got people who don’t like what you’re talking about, they’re not the right people. That’s a great thing for you because it means you’re appealing the right target demographic like I mentioned earlier. If you have a client that you’ve chosen that is female … In fact actually Sherry I’m gong to use your example because I’ve got it on the board here.

It was 30 to 40 year old with two kids, stay-at-home mom called Lisa, lives in Brisbane, uses Facebook a lot. Is confused about how she can help her family eat well and maintain good health and wellness, and sick of the bullshit out there in the market place.” If you’ve got Bob the builder coming online and saying you’re a dickhead, tell Bob thank you but no thank you. You don’t need Bob. Plenty of Lisa’s out there for you. In fact there’s a Lisa on the call right now I think. Maybe you guys should touch base. That is that.

Boxhead asks,

How do I keep up the momentum and motivation through low periods?

Again, it comes down to the same thing. I used this word so much this week, awareness. Be aware of where you’re at. If you are feeling low, that’s okay. Recognize that you feel low and then ask yourself, how do I get out of the low? Here’s how you get out of the low, think about the high. Everything starts up here. All right? What you focus on is what you’re going to see. You’re going to see it everywhere. If you focus on red, red, red, you’re going to see red. In fact, if you’ve bought a new car … I spoke about this recently in a workshop in Sydney.

If you’ve bought a new car and you’ve bought a jeep, everyone knows you’re now in jeep advert. Then what happened was, everywhere there was jeeps, you could see them everywhere. That’s because your brain is switched on to it. You got a little antenna up where called the reticular activating system. When you say, “This is what I want.” You focus on it, your brain will go to work to find the way to do it. That’s not all wonky, secret stuff, that’s just the reality of your brain and how it works. It will focus and it will find what you focus on. If you’re focused on feeling low, you’re going to find more things to keep you there. You’re going to find depressing things. You’re going to find watch the news and it will be full of crap, news about how shit the world is and everyone is getting shot.

Your relationships are going to be shit because you’re thinking about the 49% of the relationship that’s not good at the moment instead of the 51% that’s really good. Shift your focus. When you shift your focus you need change of physiology, so get up and move. If you feel low, go to the gym. If you feel low, go for a walk in the sun. Earlier this week I went out with Andy Gordon, I don’t know if Andy Gordon is on the livestream right now. If you are say hello. Andy Gordon and I went to Mount Coot-tha in Brisbane and we walked up the hill. Holy shit! It nearly killed me. Fucking steep but it made me move and it got my physiology moving. My heart rate was up and I was super alert because I was switched on again. Just get out and have a bit of movement. That’s the best way to motivate.

Motivation, I’m mindful of the word motivation because motivation fades. I could give you the aura every Saturday morning on this call. I could say, “Let’s jump up and down and do some star jumps and all that stuff. Motivation is good for instant snap because it wakes you up, but motivation will fade. That’s why when people go to seminars they come up like this and then they go like that because it fades. They get home and they get back into the doldrums and they get back into the low.

You just got to remember that the thing that creates momentum, which is way stronger than motivation, is to continually have the same routines. Because the routine will create a habit and the habit becomes ingrained in you, unconsciously. It becomes programmed within you like the monkey mindset.

Any more questions from you guys? Here’s a good one;

Finding the balance between work and life.

Here’s a good one, work and life balance. Whether you believe in the word balance? I’m a bit of a funny one with the word balance, I prefer to call it flow.

I think when you’re in flow or flux, whatever you want to call it. When you’re in a state of flow, you can be in your work environment and just be killing it. Has anyone ever had that where you’re at work or you’re in your business and you’re just like, “Holy crap, I am unstoppable today.” You’re just punching through the work all day long. That is the state of flow that you’re in, stick with it. Because when you do that you’re going to get to the stage where the flow starts to wear off. That’s when you switch it off and that’s when you go the other way. You say, “Right now I’m going to go be with my kids and I’m going to go be with my family.”

Here’s another thing and I wrote about this in my book “The success formula”. This concept of the thing that it can’t wait, I don’t know where we learnt this thing that nothing can wait. We’ve got the phone with us all day, we take it to bed with us, we read it in bed. You see the little, white light, Under the Doona. The first thing we do in the morning is we pick up the phone and we look at the notifications and then we’re on some else’s agenda straight away.

Here’s the challenge that I’ve got for you guys, don’t take your phone to bed.

Leave it downstairs or in the laundry room or whatever it is in your house. If you currently don’t take your phone to bed, I would encourage you switch it off at dinner time and just connect to your family, just be present. I’ve got to say that I need to practice what I preach with this more because at the moment we’ve got a lot of engagement on social media right now. We’re recruiting for an assistant, so the phone’s gone crazy. Incidentally, if you know anyone who would make a great personal assistant for me let me know because I’m looking for someone right now.

Flexible role, flexible work hours, flexible location because it’s all online and yeah, I’m a pretty cool boss too. If you know someone, hit me up and let me know who it is. Where was I going with that? I forget.

Work-life balance, that’s right. Switch off and have some time to yourself. Here’s a question for you. When was the last time you had 10 minutes on your own? No phone, no technology, no television, no books, no newspapers, no kids, no husband and wife, no dog, just you? Like where you sat in your little cocoon and allowed your brain to go … Actually heard what was going on and listened and said, “What I’m I hearing right now? Because your body will be constantly telling you the things that you need.

I’ll give a good example of this again. The last time that I did this was last week. I stopped for about an hour and I just let it all come to me. I came up with some of the most amazing content that I’m going to release with you guys in the next few months, few weeks really, that I’ve ever come up with, ever. Because I allowed myself to stop, because I wasn’t running the story of what have I got to do for this client, what have I got to do for that client? Just stop and just ask yourself, “What is most important to me right now?” Just have a little deep breath and spend some time with you. You got to be your own best mate, haven’t you? That’s the lesson that I’m learning in business, is that you have to be your own best friend because it’s a lonely road as we all know.

Anyone got any questions? I’m just in the flow here.

Also, if this is of value, give me a few hearts. The biggest thing that you do for me is share it out to your networks because that will be really helpful for me. Before I go I would just like to say that if you want a free hard copy of my book, not my big book that’s coming out but my mini-book, which is 60 pages long. It’s a really easy read and it goes through all of the lessons that I’ve learned in the first 12 months in business. With some examples and some case studies, and that sort of thing, send me a message, comment on this post and share it out to your network.

Tell them that they can have a free book too. I’m going to get them printed and I’m going to post one to your door. All right? You’ll get one in email box that you can put on your bookshelf. It will have my name on it, which I’m pretty impressed with. Who would have thought the little ginger kid from Newcastle was going to be an author? Yeah. If you want one, comment below. If you want one for your team as well, if you’d like some for your team. If you’ve got a team of people in your business and you want them to be able to read this too, then that is all good. Also, if you’ve got something you want me to cover next week, please let me know.

Although next week I am going to prepare for you something that will move your business to level 5000, which is pretty exciting. I’m going to announce next week something that you can do if you’re in business, if you want to work with me further without spending billions of dollars, how we can do that. Because I’m going to be releasing a new program for you guys, which I’m very excited about. I can see a few of you sharing my video and liking the video, so thank you so much for doing that. If there are no further questions then I am going to depart.

Just to summarize what we’ve talked about. First step is awareness, get your head out of your ass or get it out of the sand, whatever you like to say, and be really clear on where I’m I right now? Be honest about it, don’t freak out about it. Because the fact that you’re aware of it is a very good thing and then get clear, very clear on where you want to go.

Get very clear on where you want to go and then take some action.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not the perfect action. In fact, imperfect action beats perfect inaction.

I’m going to leave you with that. Thank you so much for tuning in. The video will go up as a normal video so you can replay it if you want to re-watch the content. I’d appreciate any comments, shares, likes, love, anything that you can throw my way. I really appreciate you guys. I’m super grateful for everything that you do to support me. I’ll see you guys next Saturday if I don’t speak to you beforehand. Have an awesome weekend, thank you so much for tuning in.


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