The Importance of Connection

The Importance of Connection




Today I want to share a few thoughts around the power of connection.

Connection could simply be those you love, your family, spouse and children OR it can also apply to your wider circle of influence (your team members, your friends etc).

As I sat at my desk last night working through more of the new Predictable Growth Academy content – I heard my kids laughing downstairs. It dawned on me that I hadn’t spent even a moment with them the whole day. It was like a lightning bolt hitting me in the chest, and even though I have a never ending to-do list (just like you), I closed my laptop, walked downstairs and spent the next 3 hours playing with Play Doh and chasing my little boy around the lounge room.

It got me thinking – who have I not been present with lately? Who could benefit from some connection at a deep level, not just ‘how’s business and your to-do list looking’ – but a real, ‘how ARE you’ conversation.

I’d like to encourage you to ask that question right now – as we lead up to the Christmas period. Take some time to look at your plan for 2017 and notice where it has time for family and connection to others pencilled in.

If it doesn’t – make it happen.

If you don’t yet have your 2017 plan – make it happen. Spend time on it this week and get a rough version mapped out.

Only a quick one – but an important message as we all work to make an impact in our business, let’s not forget that the greatest impact we have is on those closest to us daily.

With love and respect for you on this journey,



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