Make This Your Best Year Yet!

Make This Your Best Year Yet!

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Episode Summary

  1. 6 actionable steps to make this your best year yet
  2. The Business Owners Club explained
  3. This post originated from a Facebook live we did back in December. There is plenty of gold that we wanted to share with you, knowing it will propel you into a strong and successful 2017


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Hi all!

I’m excited about what we’re going to cover today; making 2017 your best year yet. I’ll tell you why I wanted to talk about this…
This week, I have spent some time with some businesses who do not yet have a plan for 2017. Now this has blown me away a little bit. I wonder when they were thinking about doing some planning, if they intend on doing any planning at all?

When you don’t have a plan in place, you are basically planning for failure.

How many of you have gone through a year and thought, “Ah, that didn’t really work the way I wanted it to”?

If you’re not planning, you’re not going to get the result you want. What is the saying? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s why I want talk to you about this today. It’s so important.

So here are 6 actionable steps that you can take to help make this your best year yet.

Number 1


Too often, we’re looking forward or at what is next; what’s my next big goal, what’s my next big success story? We don’t look back at what we actually achieved to get to where we are today.

I know for me if I look back at the last 12 months, what a journey. I mean, holy crap, who could have picked it? We’ve signed up some amazing clients, we’ve worked with some amazing people all over Australia and New Zealand, Indonesia. We’ve taken the business to a level that I couldn’t have imagined in our first 12 months.
I’ve been able to be really present with my family, I’ve been there for my young son Charlie. My mum is here at the moment from overseas and I’ve been able to spend way more time with her than I usually would. It’s been really good and I’ve had some amazing learnings.

Bear in mind that it’s not always good. You might have had a crappy year but it’s still important to look back and identify what you can learn from the experiences.

So take some time to not just look forward, but to look back. I want you to look back at 2016 and ask, “What is it that I’ve achieved in 2016 that has made the biggest difference to where I stand today and what will take me through 2017 strong?” Think about that for a few minutes this week.

That takes us to number 2


Ahh, the art of writing… remember this?
Once you’ve had a good look at where you’ve come from, you’ve reflected on the prior learnings, then comes the time to plan. To look at what you want moving forward, now write it down. The art of writing integrates it.

Don’t do it on a computer. Get a pen, get some paper or a good old fashioned journal, get yourself comfortable and write.
Write some words, put on paper what you see for your best year yet. Get clear on this.

Number 3


We spend time setting amazing goals, we make a plan but don’t commit to the action that’s required to make the plan a reality.

If you have a goal in mind, I want you to ask yourself what is the thing or the things that you need to commit to, to make sure that it happens this year? If you commit to better health but then you don’t go to the gym or you don’t schedule your gym time or you don’t schedule prep time for your meals, you’re not committed to it. You’re just putting it out there and expecting it to happen.

Let me tell you, it’s the same in business. If you’re expecting it to happen, it isn’t going to happen. There’s a reality for you. Unless you’re committed to the action every single day, every single week, it ain’t going to happen for you.

Here’s the question I’ve got for you. What is it in your 2016 that you identified that you wanted but you didn’t achieve? And what did you fail to commit to which resulted in you not having it?

It’s a big question, but it’s a pertinent question and it’s a powerful question. These types of questions will set you free my friends. They will. The question is always going to give you the answer that you might not want but it’s the answer that you need. Ask yourself that question.

For me, it was live streaming. When live streaming came out I knew I had to be on live stream. I knew it was the way for me to reach more people but I didn’t do it because I was scared of it. It’s just silly, right?

You’ve got to get out of your own way.

What is the thing that you need to commit to in 2017 to move forward to the thing that you want in 2017 in your business or in your life?

Number 4


Schedule things in. You need to get control of your schedule, not just have everything in your head.

Here’s how you do it; Write down all of your regular activities, let me give you some examples of what regular might be. Sleep. Does anyone sleep? Of course you do. Put it in your calendar! Well, put the times that you plan to go to bed and wake up. It is so important to get more sleep, scientific research states that if you get more regular sleep you are way more productive the next day. I think it’s like 80% or some crazy high number.

Schedule in your sleep. Sounds stupid I know, but who’s in charge? Are you in charge or is the world in charge? Be in charge of your own destiny. Schedule it in.

Schedule in gym sessions. Schedule in school pick-ups. Schedule in family time. Schedule in time for you where you have no technology, where you switch off your phone, and your laptop and you just be. You just go for a walk or read a book. Doesn’t matter what it is. Something for you, something for your kids, something for you partner without your kids, give some time to your loved ones.

Once you’ve identified all of your regular activities line them all up on a piece of paper and move them across to your diary, and keep scheduling them in.

You’ll end up with a diary that will be all blocked out where all of your regular activity happens. Then you’ll have these empty blocks and they’re what I call in my world ‘reactive time.’

If you’re in business right now and you do not have blocked out time in your schedule, you are constantly in reactive mode which means you are constantly at the mercy of what is coming to you, not what you are proactively doing every day.

If you’re planning to have your best year yet, you need to take a hold of your schedule and make sure that you are running the year, not the year running you.

Number 5


You have got to be posting more. You can’t sell a secret, hey? Can’t sell a secret so make it happen. Get on social media. Show up.

If you’re in business and you’re not posting at least twice a day, you’re not in the game guys. You’re not in the game because no one knows who you are. The only people that know who are is your bloody nana and your sister and your brother. They’re not going to the pay the bills for you, are they? You’ve got to get online more. You’ve got to share messages that people need to hear.

If you go back and have a look at my page after this live stream, you will see that I post four times per day. Four per day minimum. You can’t say it’s hard because what’s hard is going to the moon. Going to the moon’s bloody hard but they identified the goal, they planned for it, committed to it, scheduled it and they did it. See how this works guys?

When you schedule your social media, you don’t have to come up with three billion topics on everything. Think about the problems that your market has. Think about the problems that your client has and address these. Don’t just go and talk about stuff that’s not relevant.

If you are in a building company, identify the problem faced. If you’re in a fitness industry, there’s another kind of problem. If you’re a chiropractor, there’s another kind of problem. If you’re a coach or a consultant or a thought leader, you’ve got a whole other set of problems that your clients deal with. You must speak to that problem. Share stuff that’s relevant, not just what’s easy.

Then repurpose it, learn to repurpose your content. Go into Google, type in, “How do I repurpose my content,” and there’s like a billion articles on it.
Repurpose the crap out of your content because that is the easiest way for you to schedule out more of your social media presence, get you more reach without having to come up with new stuff all the time.

You don’t have to come up with new stuff all the time guys. All of the content you’ve seen on my Facebook in the last 14, 16 days, is all stuff that I’ve already done. I’ve just reused it because it was there and I hadn’t touched it. There’s so much gold that you’ve got already, just learn how to repurpose it and use it to your advantage.

Number 6


Environment is critical. You’ve got to get yourself around the right people at the right time for the right reasons.

This has been so critical for me. Let me get a bit real on this, I’ve really struggled with this in the past. I’ve struggled with getting the right people in my life. I’ve said yes to too much when I shouldn’t have. I’ve mixed business with pleasure with people that I shouldn’t because I really respect them. In fact, there’s a guy on this call, awesome bloke. I tried to merge the lines of business and pleasure with him and that’s probably a mistake because I really like the guy and it would be wrong for me take our relationship to that level.

Look at your network. I’m not going to sit here and say discard all of your friends because that’s ridiculous. They’re there for a reason and people are in your life for a reason, but I also think if you want to get to a new level in your life, you have to look at when is the time to really step out of the comfort zone, when is the time to really get out there and speak to people who you need to speak to?

It’s going to be uncomfortable, I get that. But it will make a big difference to you. It will make a big difference to your life. It will make a big difference to your business.

A great way to improve your environment this year is to join Momentum Club. (Now called the Business Owners Club) It is full of people just like you, who are committed to the action needed to make this their best year yet.

The Business Owners Club is a free monthly webinar and private Facebook group. You can all ask me questions and we’ll talk in depth on specific business and personal development topics. Instead of me just jumping on a live stream and throwing out some high level stuff, we’re going to pick up a topic and dive right into it so you can leave the call with a real clear plan on what you have to do.

It’s on the first Monday of every month. It’s linked to the website but it’s private. Only the members can see it. There’s a members area with all of the previous recordings in there. There’s content that I’ll be sharing in there that I will not be sharing anywhere else. It’ll be the first place that I post. It’ll be the first place that I put all of my insights. We’re building a really amazing movement of people who want more out of their business and their life. That’s what I’m doing this for.

If you’re interested in that, head to; Momentum Club for more info.

So there you have it guys, my 6 actionable strategies for making this your best year yet.

Let me know how you go with these through social media and remember that the true joy in your life is always found in the lessons that we learn along the way.

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