Awareness and Progress

Awareness and Progress



Episode Summary

  1. A closer look at progress
  2. Practical steps towards progress
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Hey there,

Have you ever thought about the concept of progress, and what it really means to you in your business or personal life?

There is a common thought out there that progress is all about seeing big changes. But I’ve come to realize that it might be something entirely different.

Progress starts when we gain awareness.

When we gain awareness, we become aware of the waste that we have in our life, and the things that we’re not optimizing. Progress comes when we start to drop them away, and improve those things.

This then led me to asking the question; “How do you start to achieve progress?”

My experience is that we can fall into the practice of looking so far ahead, that we don’t start anything.
In fact, we may start many things and only give each one a tiny amount of attention, instead of just focusing on one thing that’s going to move us forward quickly, and effectively.

What we really need to do is just look at where we are today, and be super honest about it.

That’s the first bit of advice I would give, just get really, really honest and ask;

“Where am I right now?” And “What don’t I have, that I want?”

Be really honest with yourself, and don’t sugarcoat it based on what other people think, or what you think other people think. Just work with what you know.

Come back to what you know, because when you do this, you’re taking full responsibility. That’s where you’re going to see the biggest improvement in your life. When you stop letting everyone else make the decision for you, and you make the decision for yourself.

Get yourself a piece of paper, get a pen, and just write down, “Where am I right now?” And more importantly, “Where am I not?”

If you’re not in a good place financially.
If you don’t have savings.
If you have a less than desirable cash flow situation in your business.
If you are not seeing the sales that you want to see within your business.
If you’re not seeing growth that you want to see in your business.
If you haven’t got the right people in your team.
If your team are not communicating.

All these problems that we see, they stem from something. The first step is being aware. To put it another way, pull your head out of the sand, and just have a look around, because it’s no good anymore to keep your head in the sand. It’s not acceptable anymore because the world will leave you behind.

It may have worked in the past to just forget about it, and hope that things would become better. But now it’s time to take responsibility.

Your honesty will give you the awareness you need to make progress, because progress starts the moment you become aware.

That’s my little tidbit for the weekend for you all. I hope this has shaken a few nuts and bolts inside, and got you to think a little bit about what you are aware of, and what you’re not focused on, because the focus becomes your reality.

See you.


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