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Episode Summary

  1. Explore a different approach to your goal setting techniques
  2. How to implement these powerful techniques in your own life
  3. This post originated from a Facebook live we did back in December. There is plenty of gold that we wanted to share with you, knowing it will propel you forward with strength and success


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Good morning guys. Anthony Kirby from the Predictable Growth Academy. It is Saturday morning on Facebook live stream and today I want to talk to you about how you can set a goal and smash it every single time.

This concept of goal setting is so misunderstood. I want to change peoples’ minds on this today because it’s so important. Starting with telling you that I think that smart goals suck!

We hear a lot about goals and the concept of smart goals. I feel really strongly about this; I believe that smart goals absolutely suck! I want you to be setting goals that propel you into momentum, in to growth and into the life that you really want and believe you can achieve. So I have some steps that will give you direction when it comes to achieving any goal.

I may introduce some new concepts to you today, things that fly in the face of what you’ve previously heard. Things like, lower your goal and go after the things you believe you can achieve.

So step number one in achieving your goals is to;


Now hear me clearly here; I’m not saying that a vision can’t be grand. There’s a big difference between the vision and the goal, so get clear on this.

Your goal is a short term milestone. Your vision is the long term aspiration.

If you’ve got a vision to make a million dollars that’s awesome, but short term what does that look like? Write the vision and the goal down so you’re clear that they are different.


It’s a rule that I have in my business and I share it with all of my clients which is called the 10/10 rule. First of all, just think of a goal that you want to achieve. Whether it’s to pay your mortgage off, to grow your business to a million dollars or do 100 sales a year, or it might be that you want to scale your business up and franchise it. Whatever it is, write your goal down.

Now that goal is there in front of you, the first question you need to ask yourself is how much do I believe that I could actually achieve this goal? Zero being no belief 10 being maximum absolute belief, give yourself a score.

The second question you have to ask yourself is how much do I desire this goal that I’ve set? Again, give yourself a score out of ten. Zero being absolutely no desire, 10 being the highest desire.

How much do you desire it?

You must desire it 100%. If not, you’re not going to push yourself for it. It doesn’t have enough attachment. If it doesn’t have enough attachment you need to look at your goal and say what can I do with this goal that would attach me to it? Who is going to benefit from it other than me? Make it external. Family, friends, community, ecology of the world.

Belief and desire are the two fundamentals that will get you to your goals. If you’ve answered anything less than 10 on either of those you need to look at your goal and, this is where I surprise people, you need to step down your goal.

I know that this flies in the face of everything you hear out there in the personal development world. They say things like multiply the goal by 10.

I say why multiply by 10 something you don’t believe in? All it’s going to do is disappoint you and you’re going to get pissed off and you’re not going to feel like you’re worthy of it. You’re going to lose confidence. It’s ridiculous. It’s the stupidest way to set goals.

What I’m here to say is you need to set something that is absolutely desirable to you and secondly, you need to set something that you just believe you can blitz.  

The reason you have to set a goal that you know you can blitz, is because you need to build momentum. It’s something I talk about all the time. It’s so important for you. You need to understand that hitting something is better than hitting nothing.

If you don’t answer 10 out of 10 to both the belief and the desire, which is why it’s called the 10-10 rule, you must adjust your goal down until you can ask yourself the same question and come up with a 10 for desire and a 10 for belief. What I usually see is that most people always have a 10 for desire because you want it. That’s why you set it as a goal in the first place. The desire’s not normally the issue. The issue is normally the level of belief that you have around it.

The reason that most people don’t have much belief around it is because they have no evidence of achieving something like this in the past. All they’re going off is prior examples. Your brain’s like a hard drive in your computer. How it works is that when you ask it for something, if you say, “I’m going to go out and do a million dollars.”, your brain looks for examples of a million dollars behind you. If you haven’t got one it sort of makes up this story or if you’ve tried in the past and you failed and you look back and you go, “Well that didn’t work too well.”, and you get scared. Then your belief is going to drop.


So what does that goal look like? And how much do you believe you can achieve the goal? If it’s not 100% keep going backwards until you do believe it will be 100%

Here’s an example. “If I want to do a million dollars do I believe I can do that? I’m okay about it, but I’m not a 10. What about $600,000? Do I believe I could do $600,000? Absolutely, I’ve got enough contacts. I’ve got enough leads. I’ve got enough quotes outstanding. I could definitely do 600. So set 600 and nail 600, build your confidence.”

All of the stuff you learn from doing $600,000 and loving the process as opposed to not getting to a million dollars then just propels you to that next level. It propels you to the 800,000, to the 900,000, to the million, to the 1.2. That is how great businesses grow. They understand their constraints and they grow with their constraints.



Tony Robbins says, “You should never leave the sight of setting a goal without taking massive action.”

Look at your next 90 days. You must work in 90 day blocks because anything longer than that becomes too long, becomes too protracted. 90 days is just such a succinct period of time that you can work with.

When you’re setting the goal focus on a 90 day time frame. No longer. No shorter. 90 days.

Ask yourself, how will this look in 90 days? Even if it’s a little bit of a stretch, but you think “You know what? If I really applied myself, if I really took the action, if I really want to achieve that goal I could do it. If I stopped watching Netflix and I really applied myself to the business I could do it. If I really wanted to make a million bucks in my business, in the next 90 days I need to make $250,000. Can I do that? Yes I can because I know that I’ve got the right clients. I know that I know the right people. I know that if I put my message out there it will work.” Whatever that might be for you.

Work in 90 day blocks



Next is to set your first action item. So ask yourself, “What’s the first step for me to achieve this goal?”

I’m not asking what have you got to do in the next three weeks, like fix up your website or design lead magnets.

I’m asking, what is the first step?

What is the thing I have to do right now? What is the thing I have to do today? What is the thing I have to do in the next 25 minutes? What is the thing I have to do after I jump off this call from Kirby that builds momentum?

When you take that first step, when you step forward you go, “Ah, that worked!” Then that builds confidence and changes your belief system because you start to see that it’s possible instead of before you might have had that big goal that you didn’t believe, you wouldn’t have taken that step. If you took that step you wouldn’t have seen the result that you wanted and you wouldn’t have done anything about it. You wouldn’t have stepped forward further.

You must take a small step to start with. Get some momentum. Feel the feedback. Ask yourself what’s going on? Have a bit of a measurement and then step into it again and again and again. That’s the way you got to do it guys. That’s the way you need to set your goals.



I want to talk about action. A lot of people are taking action right now but they’re not seeing the “result” that they thought they would and they’re taking that as a failure. I’ve got to tell you guys, there ain’t no failures.

Every single thing you do, every single movement forward that you make or even if it’s a movement backwards or sideways that you make, every single part of that is giving you feedback. If clients aren’t responding to your phone calls it’s not that the clients don’t like you, it’s because the way that you’re messaging their problem, the way that you’re solving their problem, it sucks.

If people aren’t converting once you get to them, if you’re not converting sales, you’re either not showing them value or they can’t afford you. That is it. It’s never the price. Stop saying it’s the price. It’s never the price. It’s because either they can’t afford it or they don’t see enough value because you haven’t delivered the value to them by understanding what they’re all about and understanding their problems and serving them in that way.

If you can’t lose weight and you go to the gym once and you think, “Ah, that sucked. I didn’t feel good about going to the gym.” Go to the gym again or go do something different. Change up your routine. Go for a walk instead. Go for a run.

If your relationship isn’t great at the moment ask yourself why? Look at when it was good.

Ask, what do I look like when I’m at my best? Anyone who’s gone into a funk and I’ve spoken to a number of people just this week alone in business who are just not feeling good about where they’re at right now. The first question I’m going to ask all of them anytime I coach them is, what do you look like when you’re at your best? What does your world look like when you’re at your best? What does your routine look like when you’re at your best? What does your time management look like when you’re at your best?

Let’s apply that to relationships. If you’re in a relationship with somebody and it’s not going well it’s not because you don’t like each other. It’s because something’s changed. The dynamic has changed. Your standard has changed. It might be that the thing that you used to do for them you don’t do anymore. It might be the thing that they used to do for you, you don’t do anymore and that’s possibly because of something you’re doing. It doesn’t mean it’s broken. It doesn’t mean your business can’t grow. It doesn’t mean that you can’t make sales. It just means you get the feedback in this moment about what’s not working for you.

Bring this back to the goal setting. You must continually assess your goal in terms of how much do I desire this? How much do I believe that I can make this happen? When you do that and you adjust your goal accordingly you will definitely smash your goals. I know this because this is the same technique I use in my business.

This week we’ve had an astonishing week. A week that three months ago I couldn’t have believed we could’ve done in the way that we’ve done it. It’s been effortless because now I understand it. I crept towards it. I didn’t just jump to it. I took a baby step and another baby step and another baby step and another baby step and all of a sudden it becomes automatic for me. That’s what you have to do with your goals as well.

That is it for this week’s episode. I hope this has been helpful. If it has, hit Subscribe, share it out to your networks. I will see you next week for another show. I’m Anthony Kirby. Remember that the true joy in your life is always found in the lessons that we learn along the way.


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