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No matter how small you start – start something that matters.

And with these words, the alignment of the place I longed to be for so many years of my life occurred. I stared out of my hotel window at the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge and felt a stirring inside of me that I still, to this day, feel each morning as I wake.

Let me take you back a few years. The 19-year-old me was standing next to a hospital bed holding the left hand of my terminally ill father. I looked at him, crying, when he said to me ‘I’m sorry I didn’t get to do more with you’. I was still clutching his hand tightly when he drew his last breath and looked at me for the last time with life in his eyes.

On that day I saw a life left unlived. The truth is, we never know what lies in wait for us around the next corner – but at that moment, when I listened to my mother’s heartbreaking cry, I made a decision to do whatever I could to live a life filled with purpose.

I moved from my hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne, England to Brisbane, Australia 9 months later with a suitcase and $200 cash in my wallet. The only thing I had in abundance at that point in time was ambition and drive to succeed.

Then, like most of us, I got caught up in the trap. The trap of money and material possessions for ego rather than purpose. I worked harder every year to ‘keep up’ and then it all fell apart.

My relationship suffered and I got divorced from my first wife, who had enough of the lifestyle and found a better offer elsewhere. I moved out of my shiny new home and, at that stage, realised for the first time in a long time that I was far happier without the need to impress everyone else.

Fast forward a little, and I met the woman of my dreams, we bought a house with the white picket fence (literally) and my little boy Charlie came into the world on April 1st 2015. His arrival took my breath away and I couldn’t help but hear the words of my father echo through my mind as I looked at his tiny little face.

So as I sat there, 8 weeks after he entered the world, staring out over the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge I asked myself – ‘what do I want from this life’. The answer led me to writing these words for you today.

I vowed to inspire and educate you, every single day, so that YOU can do more with your life and be the person you want to be deep down inside. I vowed that I would make sure that those who run a business would be able to realise and live by the mantra ‘build the business to suit your life – not your life to suit your business’.

And so it began – a lifelong mission of service which gets me out of bed with a spring every day so that I can be there to inspire you, be there to educate you on the steps you can take to grow your business and enjoy the rewards that come with it and, of course, to give you real, authentic and honest strategies to move your life in powerful and wonderful directions.

I honour your journey – because I’m on it with you. Whilst I started small, and I’m now lucky to help thousands of you across the globe, I never forget that it’s about doing what matters.

I know that you can do more and be more every single day, and I know that you can start right now.

With respect, authenticity and love for you and your journey,


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