3 Areas of Business to Measure Right Now

3 Areas of Business to Measure Right Now


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Episode Summary

Discover the 3 things that you can measure today to ensure that your clients are in a position to do business with you.


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Hey guys, it’s Anthony Kirby yet again. Thanks for joining me for episode number 5 of the Business Success Podcast. Today, we’re going to be talking about the three things in your business that you need to be aware of and looking at to ensure that your clients are in a position to do business with you.

Nice short episode today and if you got a pen and paper, now will be a great time to start writing down.


The first thing that we need to look at is education. Education is really the act of giving value and education to your marketplace so that they can learn about you, your business, what you do, what you offer, and how they can work with you before you even know they exist.

That’s the distinction here. In a lot of cases, the education that you’re giving your clients means that they know a lot more about you than you do about them by the time you come face to face or by the time you get that initial inquiry from them.

I’ll give you a good example of this. When we ran the Entrepreneur Intensive events around Australia, both Steve Claydon and I spoke on the plane on the way home from Melbourne about this concept of educating the market and how people know so much about what do before they’ve even walked into the room. They expect a certain level of value to be provided in line with what they’ve seen before.

The whole purpose of educating your market is to position you as the authority

So that when the time is right for them to transact, again another important distinction when the time is right for them to transact, that they see you as their number one priority to go to and speak to.


The second thing we need to be looking at tools. The tools are really the things, I suppose, the resources that you and your client both access so that they can make an informed decision in parallel with your assistance and they can gain ongoing value from it prior to making a commitment.

There are things that you might use to, as an example if you are a coach, you might do a free discovery session for your clients. You’re working with them and uncovering their needs and uncovering the problems that they currently have and using tools to diagnose what is going on. It could be personality profiling for example. It might be resume writing services, if you are working in recruitment. There are thousands of examples of this.


The final thing that we need to look at is systems and processes. Now, systems and processes, people often switch off when they hear that because they think about boring people doing boring things.

The reality is that every business should have a system that makes the business operate in a very streamlined manner without everyone having to touch things.

It’s just a way of moving customers, clients through a process so that at the end of it, they get a delivery of what they expect and more importantly, they become a raving fan of your business.

The system is what you’re using to measure the progress of the client’s journey and to facilitate the client’s journey

Prior the sale, prior to getting the client onboard in your business, the systems can be used to measure and track your sales performance, your marketing performance, the promise of your operations team, the performance of your leadership, the performance of any number of aspects of your business.

Essentially, the outcome of a system or a process should be that at the end of that system and process, when the result or the outcome is achieved, that that client is so comfortable with what they’ve just been through that they become a screaming, raving fan for your business and for you as well. Those are three things that we need to be looking at.

Just to recap; Education and that’s the things that you provide to your client to give them education on who you are and what you do to position you as the authority so that when the time is right, you’re on the shopping list.

The second one is tools, so giving the client the opportunity to work with your or with your intellectual property, whether that’s downloadable cheat sheets, checklists, step by step guides, whatever that might be on a website, or working with you one on one, if you’re in that situation, so that they are very informed of what’s going and they’re gaining value from you prior to making any commitments.

The final thing is your systems and processes to make sure that what you are educating your market on and providing them with support on is delivered all the way through to the final interaction with that client in that process.

Make sure you jump into the Facebook group if you like what you’re hearing and please feel free to leave me a review. I do value any reviews that are left. If you’ve got any questions, please shoot them my way and I will endeavor to cover them in a future episode to make sure that I’m supplying the content and educating you and giving you the tools that you need so that you can make the right moves in your business moving forward. Until the next episode, I thank you for listening again.

I’m Anthony Kirby. I will speak to you next time.

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