The First 12 Months in Business

The First 12 Months in Business



Episode Summary

  1. Know Your Numbers – pay close attention to your outgoings and overdue invoices
  2. Pay your tax on time – but don’t tip them!
  3. Go before you are ready. The market will tell you what you need to adjust moving forward.
  4. Always ask the question you don’t want to ask. The answer you need lies behind that door!
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My name is Anthony Kirby, and I call Brisbane, Australia home.
I spend a reasonable amount of time travelling around Australia, and sometimes overseas, sharing my message with people just like you – that you need to build your business to suit your life and not your life to suit your business.

It hasn’t always been the case – in fact the journey that leads me to writing these words for you today is pretty epic.

When I was 19 years old – my 48-year-old father passed away very quickly from the ‘Big C’. To say it rocked my world would be an understatement. He was a hardworking, loyal and well liked man and his death has shaped my life in every facet since that day.

Fast forward a little and I met the love of my life, Rameka (who is now my wife). I have a 10-year-old stepdaughter, Mischa, and a nearly 2-year-old boy, Charlie.

Life was ‘perfect’ – I had a great job earning multiple six figures every year, the house with the white picket fence (literally) and the BMW in the driveway… But I was still feeling ‘empty’.

Now I know most people would look at this situation and say ‘what’s wrong with you!’. I had the perceived definition of ‘success’ in the eyes of everyone around me. I was earning plenty of money, having plenty of fun and I had a beautiful family.

But I felt there was more, so I did what any normal person would do in that situation – I quit my job.

The lessons I’ve learned since then have not always been good. I’ve had some tough days, sleepless nights and some big setbacks – but I’ve also taken each of these and learned from the experiences.

And now – I share them here with you, so that you too can ponder on each point raised and see how it reflects your current business (or personal life).

The first lesson that I learnt was really that you have to prepare.

In the months prior to leaving my job I had been working with a business coach who was advising me about some ideas I had floating through my head.
We had basically built up a whole business and it was ready to launch when I told Rameka that it was time for me to take the leap – and I still remember sitting opposite my coach (Ken was his name) and him saying to me ‘you have to slow down – Rameka needs you to do this properly’.
We had a 6-month old baby when I quit my job, so it was pretty crazy. Pretty reckless to be honest. Anyway, lesson learned and here I am today sharing this with you. Hopefully you learn the lesson as well, not to put your marriage on the line to chase your dreams (or at least not without having a solid plan in place first to navigate the path).

So where are we today?
We’ve been in business for 12 months and 6 days. We’ve gone from $0, and in the first 12 months we’ve turned over about $336,000ish.
This financial year we’re on track to turn over just under $700,000 is what I’ve got in the moment, with clients that we’re working with.

But; I know that to get to the next level it is going to mean that I’ve got to grow again, and I’ve got to put myself out there just like I am now. Tell my story, and share things that I haven’t shared with a lot of people. That’s where we’re at now.

The good thing is I only work about 55 hours a month (directly with clients), as opposed to working 40 hours a week in my employment. That doesn’t mean I don’t work extra hours outside of client facing time – but it’s still far less than I would have been working.
The good thing is – I’ve got way more bounce than I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m working with people that I love working with as well. That’s been really good.

I have seen a lot of stuff online with guru’s, or whatever you want to call them, who come out and they promise you can get 7 figures, and you can work on the beach in Koh Samui.
Now, I haven’t experienced that. Maybe I’m a little bit different because I’m not willing to give up my family to smash through 7 figures quickly.
I’ve probably done it a little bit differently, but the reality is most business owners aren’t single with no assets, with no nothing. I was used to living a certain lifestyle obviously, I had always earned a lot of money.
My experience is that anyone who’s committed to saying that you can have the freedom lifestyle right away, it’s probably premature to say you could have it from the start.

You need to do some hard work. I had to get off my ass and do some things.

So one night I sat down and asked myself ‘what am I good at?’ and the answer that kept coming back was that I’m really good at sales and business growth.

When I looked at what I was doing, I was running the complete opposite way from that.
It was just stupid. Another lesson, don’t walk away from your genius. Do what you’re really good at.

The next day I booked a conference room in a hotel in Brisbane, and essentially put my neck on the line, for want of the better term. It scared the shit out of me, because whilst I’d done the speaker training, and all that stuff, this was really the test of can I do this? Can I be in this world?…

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