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Meet Anthony

Anthony Kirby is the founder of Predictable Growth Academy, a world class mentoring program for coaches, consultants and service based business owners who are frustrated with lack of business growth and struggling to get their message heard in a busy world.

After the death of his father when he was just 19 years old, Anthony made a promise to always live each day to its fullest and as such he has dedicated his life to helping others build a business to suit their lifestyle.

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Predictable Growth Academy

A comprehensive business program for coaches, trainers and thought leaders

How do you stand out from the crowd in your market? How do you get enough leads so that you can choose those you want to work with? How do you get over your fear of sales and instantly add cash flow to your business?

Business Owners Club

A free monthly training for business owners

Achieve unparalleled access to others on the business journey in a supportive, educational and inspiring group with monthly group webcasts, Q&A sessions and an online community designed to move you and your business forward (all FREE!)

In Person

Maximise your results working directly with Anthony

Limited opportunities available to work directly with Anthony Kirby in your business environment to get instant insights and improvements across each area of your brand.


What do you want?

Have you ever really clarified what you want? Not WHY you want it but WHAT? In this episode I take you through some key questions to ask yourself so you can get closer to acheiving what you want.

Why People Fail

We all know someone who set a big goal and failed... Here's the TOP 5 reasons I see that lead people to failure


Lessons Learned

A raw and authentic journey through the business startup journey

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get through the first 12 months of the business startup journey? Find out in this short, authentic and inspiring insight.

The Business Success Formula

Be more and do more with 12 core success principles for life and business

What does success look like for you and how will you know when you have achieved it in your life and business? The Business Success Formula will help you unlock your true power so that you can be more and do more in your life and business today.

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